Game 3: The Ballad of Blacklung

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written for so long. To tell you the truth, I’ve been kind of depressed. Some days it just doesn’t even seem worth it to crawl out of my coal pile and prowl around for rancid carrion to snack on. I mean what does it all matter, in the cosmic sense of things?!?

But today all that changed. That’s when HE came along.

I don’t know how to describe him. He walks on two legs, but he’s different from all the savage dark elves, goblins and winged s’kobolds that I usually see around here. But it’s like the minute I saw him I could just tell that he was interested in ME, the real ME, not the facade I put on just to fit in down here in the mines.

There were some other people with him too (who I’ve named Grumpy, Happy and Tiny), but you could tell they were just there to carry his treasure and retrieve his arrows. He was the real hero.

I know a rat and ranger don’t have much chance of finding happiness in this crazy, mixed up world, but just seeing him standing there, fearlessly loosing arrow after arrow at his foes, makes me realize that it’s not the dark elves or the s’kobolds or the coal keeping me here. It’s my FEAR that’s holding me back. I am a prisoner of the dwarven mine alright, but it’s the dwarven mine IN MY MIND.

But that’s the old me, dear Diary. The new me is taking the big leap and following my heart and my new friend out of the darkness and into the light. There’s a whole big world out there beyond the coal pile and I want to see it, and maybe nibble on the good bits.

Yours Truly, Blacklung

Editor’s Note: Blacklung was last seen taking up residence in the green woods near the dwarven mine. Fellow adventurers are warned that if they see a “dire rat covered in coal filth” in that area they should leave it alone, or possibly give it a nice snack. Anyone taking a swing at it to earn a few XP should be prepared to earn the undying wrath of a happy-to-crush-you barbarian, a very small but very clean rogue, a grumpy paladin, and the mighty hunter and rat-friend himself.



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