Game 3: The Ballad of Blacklung

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written for so long. To tell you the truth, I’ve been kind of depressed. Some days it just doesn’t even seem worth it to crawl out of my coal pile and prowl around for rancid carrion to snack on. I mean what does it all matter, in the cosmic sense of things?!?

But today all that changed. That’s when HE came along.

I don’t know how to describe him. He walks on two legs, but he’s different from all the savage dark elves, goblins and winged s’kobolds that I usually see around here. But it’s like the minute I saw him I could just tell that he was interested in ME, the real ME, not the facade I put on just to fit in down here in the mines.

There were some other people with him too (who I’ve named Grumpy, Happy and Tiny), but you could tell they were just there to carry his treasure and retrieve his arrows. He was the real hero.

I know a rat and ranger don’t have much chance of finding happiness in this crazy, mixed up world, but just seeing him standing there, fearlessly loosing arrow after arrow at his foes, makes me realize that it’s not the dark elves or the s’kobolds or the coal keeping me here. It’s my FEAR that’s holding me back. I am a prisoner of the dwarven mine alright, but it’s the dwarven mine IN MY MIND.

But that’s the old me, dear Diary. The new me is taking the big leap and following my heart and my new friend out of the darkness and into the light. There’s a whole big world out there beyond the coal pile and I want to see it, and maybe nibble on the good bits.

Yours Truly, Blacklung

Editor’s Note: Blacklung was last seen taking up residence in the green woods near the dwarven mine. Fellow adventurers are warned that if they see a “dire rat covered in coal filth” in that area they should leave it alone, or possibly give it a nice snack. Anyone taking a swing at it to earn a few XP should be prepared to earn the undying wrath of a happy-to-crush-you barbarian, a very small but very clean rogue, a grumpy paladin, and the mighty hunter and rat-friend himself.

Game 2: Explorations Across The River
Charting new lands!

Dear Diary,

Hey! Wow! So I, like, went on a little adventure these past few days. It’s been pretty quiet but also pretty exciting!

Okay so first I met up with a few guys from Brownstone. They were, like, also stuck in the town with me, I guess? Anyway. So we went out to, like, this forest they told me about with a dryad. And she was there! She gave us some leaves so we could pass freely through her woods. Sweet! We decided to try to find this, like, bridge, or whatever? So we headed south.

We ran into a giant spider. I don’t know if you realize just how giant a giant spider is for a gnome, but let me tell you: pretty freaking giant! Luckily we defeated it with the clever application of a celestial frog, and picked up a bit of treasure. Then we, like, went further south and found a goblin town, or whatever? We decided to leave them alone, and instead returned to the river, where we, like, found the bridge!

After camping the night and fighting off a few goblin attackers, we crossed the bridge and journeyed north. We found a cave, but didn’t explore it: instead we headed east, and came upon this weird house thing! It was, like, made of marble and totally white. We found a stone inside with some odd carvings on it. Past the house we could see some plains in the distance, and beyond them a forest made of entirely red trees!

But we didn’t want to bother with all that, so we, like, went back to the Nassi the dryad’s forest and asked her about the stone. And she showed us this super cool stone box on a pedestal, or something? It had, like, spots for nine stones, but one stone was already there… like, a pink one I guess? So we left the pink stone and the white stone in the box, which means only seven more stones to find! And the we, like, went back to Brownstone to rest.

It was a pretty eventful trip! I mean we didn’t fight too many things but we found a lot of cool stuff! Note to self: should handle the goblin town, explore the east cave, and check out those plains and red forest. Also: need to find seven more stones to unlock the cache in the dryad’s forest. Okay, that’s about it for now! Later!

Loves and kisses,

Game 1: Dryads & Drow

From the memoirs of Gulliard Whitecross, in the Year mumblemumblemumble:

There is evil afoot in this land. Beneath the seeming peaceful trees and quiet hills, dark things have sprung up like weeds.

I have heard in tales that elves favor the gentle light of the stars and moon, but never have I seen an elf that so cringed in loathing from the light of the sun. Our prisoner hissed in frustrated anger at us, but not without fear too, for it knew this day we had the mastery: five and four of its dark brothers had gone down beneath our swords and spells. And three more dead before that. A glorious victory.

I take some comfort that the fey woman of the forest — but no, I must remind myself, she is not a true woman, just a woman in form — the wood spirit spoke of goblins in the south, but she said nothing of these dark elves. So it may be that they dare not venture into the open lands beneath the sky. So much the better. And why would the tree-witch lie..?

My companions are a strange lot, wanderers and outcasts from many peoples and walks of life. But who am I to judge, I who swear by oaths few remember? I am little more than a vagabond myself, much fallen from the glory of my forefathers. But despite their odd ways and dubious blood, I have seen that in truth they are stern allies in matters of life and death. Had even one wavered, I know in my heart not a one of us would have escaped the dwarven mines aliveā€¦


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